Spring Valley Cabin
North of Parks, Arizona

Dave and I spent a wonderful weekend driving and riding with Audra, Phil, Jay & Wendy out of Spring Valley Cabin.  We rode the mules, Audra & Phil drove Ben & Gypsy, and Jay & Wendy drove Molly & Emmitt.

Left to right: Molly, Emmitt, Jay, Phil, Babe, Dave, Wendy, Buddy, Ben, Audra, Gypsy

Here are a few pics from the weekend...(click on pics for larger views)

Spring Valley Cabin Info

The Cabin

The Bunkhouse

The Corrals

Our Camp

Evening view across
Spring Valley






Wendy & Buddy

Jay & Wendy with
Molly & Emmitt

Audra with
Gypsy & Ben

Emmitt "helping" Molly pose for a picture

Audra with Ben and Gypsy 

Heading back

Phil with Ben & Gypsy

Audra with Gypsy & Ben

Jay and Audra with Molly & Emmitt

Posing for pictures

Out for a drive

Wendy & Wendy,
Molly, Emmitt, and
Buddy following along behind

Emmitt getting a snack from Wendy