Peck's Lake Ride

Peck's Lake, an oxbow lake off the Verde river, and Tavasci Marsh which it feeds provide marshy habitat for many species of birds in the Verde Valley.  Peck's Lake is owned by Phelps-Dodge Corporation, and from what I can tell, it's fate is questionable...  Some general information on Peck's Lake can be found here , and in a December 2002 article  (see 3rd paragraph) at

From Dead Horse Ranch State Park we rode up the Lower Raptor Hill Trail then over to the Bones Trail and down to Peck's Lake.  The weather was gorgeous with temperatures in the high 60's.   As the Bones Trail descends toward Pecks Lake, it gets a bit steep and rocky. Then, when we got down to the bottom, we found ourselves in a sandy area of thick Mesquite crisscrossed with cow paths.  We took one that headed in the general direction of the lake and soon came out on a 2-track road that lead to an abandon picnic area on the north side of the lake.  We had lunch there, and so did the mules, before heading back to camp.  The ride was 13 miles round trip, an easy day ride with lots of time to enjoy the scenery along the way.

View of Peck's Lake from the North



Lunch Break at Peck's Lake


Anyone know what this is?