2006 - 2009 D.I.Y. Remodeling Project

Since we had so much fun building the barn, we thought we'd find something else on which to practice our construction skills... (more...)

Getting started—August 2006

First we closed off the old kitchen doorway, then gutted the  kitchen... The dining room became the "tool room".  Since we had to re-side the east side of the house, we went ahead and replaced the living room window with a slightly smaller, much more energy efficient one also.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

No more kitchen door,  a new window for the living room, and new Hardee Board siding.

The demolition begins!

The upper cabinets are out already and we're working on removing the rest..

The "tool room"
Once the cabinets were out, and the woodstove was off the tile in the living room, we chipped all the old ceramic tile off the floor in the living room, hallway, kitchen, and bath as well as removing the vinyl tiles from the dining room.  Then we rented a gas-powered grinder to clean up the mortar and take off some of the high spots.
In October we started tiling floors.  By that time the weather was getting pretty cold so our first priority was to get enough tile down in the living room so we could reinstall the woodstove!
Tilework in the hallway

Across the hall, we gutted the closet under the stairway and tiled the floor in preparation for...

Our  new pantry; done in January 2007!


Here are some views of the bathroom/hallway wall.  We straightened the wall and moved some wiring so we could put in a wider bathroom door. (We took these pic's so we could remember where the studs and the wiring were.)

In March we pretty much finished up the kitchen...

North wall
(9 feet of unobstructed counter space!)

East wall

South wall

Knife rack

Kitchen sink

Majolica "Dog Plate"
circa 1880

Faucet & backsplash

Countertop corner detail

Kitchen sink detail

West end of kitchen

Stonework countertop

View from the Living Room

In April we started the dining room floor...

Dining room

Starting the dining room

The first  day's work in the dining room...

Cleanup crew

Transition between kitchen and dining room

Dining room border and corner

Tile cutter

Tile saw and LOTS of scrap...

By mid-April, we're starting to think about the laundry room...

Floor design for laundry room

Old vinyl tile

Tile removal n in the laundry room, 4-10-07

Laundry room floor 4/30/07.
We still need to move the washer & dryer to tile underneath them...